Enter The Healing Pool

Bethesda Healing Ministry

Bethesda cultivates and advances the healing ministry of Wellspring Church (physical, emotional and spiritual healing).

Healing prayer appointments, monthly worship & healing services, and training and support for healing ministers are at the heart of Bethesda.

You can take the “Elijah House” training course to become a healing minister, or you can avail yourself of the healing ministry of Bethesda through an appointment or by coming to our monthly worship & healing service on the third Sunday evening of every month.

If you would like to make a prayer ministry appointment, please request one here.

Common Questions

What is the Bethesda Healing Ministry?

Bethesda Ministry is made up of trained individuals at Wellspring who agree that as the Kingdom of God comes more and more into effect, one of the signs of that Kingdom is the healing of God’s people. We believe that Wellspring is called to be a “healing pool” and a place of restoration. We further believe that we are called to pray for healing of physical, emotional, and spiritual issues for individuals within the congregation and also from outside our church community. Healing prayer appointments, “open walk-in healing clinics”, “Elijah House” training and support for healing ministers are at the heart of Bethesda.

What happens in a Bethesda Appointment?

After reviewing the intake form you filled out, a team of two or three prayer ministers will meet with you, hear your story, ask the Lord for direction and pray for your needs accordingly. Inner healing often centers around forgiveness of others, confronting lies believed, repentance for our own sinful responses, and praying God’s healing touch for areas of trauma. An appointment usually lasts about 2 hours.

Why should I make an appointment for Bethesda Healing Prayer?

We pray for the healing of physical illness, emotional pain, and spiritual oppression. Healing prayer may be needed if you are unable to live in faith, hope and love or are unable to experience love, joy and peace.

Is prayer effective?

YES! We regularly see God heal physical problems, restore his people to emotional balance and receive freedom to experience God’s love. Bethesda is a safe, confidential, loving environment of acceptance, affirmation, and powerful meeting with God.

How do I make an appointment?

Request an appointment here. If you have any questions, please contact the Bethesda Office (860-225-0661, ext. 123) or

When are appointments available?

Appointments are available days or evenings Monday through Thursday or by other arrangement. Our monthly worship & healing services (for physical healing) are held on the third Sunday of every month and can be found on the calendar.

1-860-225-0661 ext. 123