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On September 29, 2010, Wellspring will once aqgain be offering Loving your Kids on Purpose, a DVD series by Danny Silk about parenting. Danny Silk is a pastor at Bethel church and offers a refreshing perspective on what it means to raise children in the Kingdom of God.

If you are like me, the idea of a class on Christian parenting makes you very nervous. I don’t want to go to sessions on "How to properly spank my kids", or "101 ways to lock down your house like a prison", or "If you are like the author and his kids, then this system works for you!". So often I have felt like the advice I was being given was less about how to be a Mom and Dad, and more about how to get kids to stop bugging you.

Loving Your Kids on Purpose is not like that, at all.

I have been blown away by the perspective offered by this class; a perspective based on the simple idea that God loves His children and gives them freedom. He reminds us that our main goal as parents is not to raise obedient kids, but to have a herart to heart connection of love and honor with them. Rather than learn techniques to intimidate kids into doing exactly what we say, we learn skills to help foster love, trust, and strength in our relationships and help our children grow in responsibility.

My wife, Jean, and I will be particiapting in the class for a third time with this session, and facilitating it for a second time, because we feel the need to get this perspective in our heads and hearts. It has changed the way we do things at our house. My mornings are no longer stress-filled screaming sessions aimed at getting my kids on a bus. I still feel stressed. I still lose my temper. But I am a better father than I was before we took this class.

We will have childcare available, so you don’t have to worry about a sitter. And in each class, we will take the time to talk about the real things going on in our own homes, not just the theoretical scenarios presented on the DVD.

I hope you can join us,
Bill Kracke, Facilitator

(This is a clip from the DVD about yellow trucks and red trucks. It captures a lot of what the course is about and Danny’s treaching style)
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