Life Groups

I’m very excited by the number of people who want to be a part of life groups here at Wellspring. I know that it seems like forever ago that we had our Team Wellspring Weekend and connected with many of you who wanted to get involved. Since that time, we have been developing a procedure that would allow for life groups to be launched and support to be given in such a way that you would not feel abandoned or ignored after your life group got started. I know that many of you want to get involved but not necessarily start a life group. So let me encourage you by explaining what a life group is and how we can help you start and maintain one.

A life group is a group of people who get together to bring life to one another and share life with one another. That group of people can be any mix of gender and age, and any number from two on up. With that broad definition I think a lot of people are involved in life groups; they just haven’t identified as such.These organic or more casual life groups are vital to the community of the church, however, they are harder to find when visitors and regular attenders of our community want to get involved in one. For those of you that do meet on a fairly regular basis with a group of friends, we would like to know about it so we can have a better idea of the number of small life groups that are a part of our community.

I also understand that there is value in having an official life group with a curriculum, book study, or specific training in the development of Godly character and knowledge of the kingdom. Those more official life groups can seem intimidating to some people but I want to encourage you that if you’re willing to get one started you will have support to keep it going.

First of all, you won’t have to wait long to find people to join your group. We have many who have contacted the church just looking for a group to try out. If you’re willing to get one started, tell us the specific demographic that you’re looking for and we can send people to you. Now you may want to get one started and already have specific people who want to go. If that’s the case, please contact us and let’s get some basic information and make sure that you are supported and communicated with on a regular basis.

Second we will be there to help you. Life group leaders meet once a month on a Sunday morning at 10:15 AM. During this time there is much sharing and encouragement that takes place. When you start a life group it will have ups and downs just like life. All of the life group leaders that come to this meeting have experienced those various ups and downs and have wisdom and knowledge to share with others who are getting started. We will also communicate with you about additional life groups that are starting and ways that we can help you interact with your people via our website, blogs, and the E-news.

We are also going to have an enrichment class available starting in March. The enrichment class will be facilitated by one of our church members who has had years of experience designing and developing life groups in the state of Connecticut. During this class you will have opportunity to get support and training to help bring focus and increased opportunities for your life group and those who attend.

Life groups come in all shapes and sizes and can start any time of the year. Let us help you get one started. Contact me, Pastor Bob, with your ideas and I think you will be greatly encouraged by what God wants to do.

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