Children are Powerful Prayer Warriors!


Nehemiah used families to help rebuild the wall of Jerusalem and they were equipped with weapons, i.e. swords, spears and bows while they worked. The Lord is rebuilding us, His Bride, and we have the privilege of partnering with Him through wielding our weapons. 2Corinthians 10:4 says the weapons that we fight with are not weapons of the world; on the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. Some of those weapons are love, faith and prayer!

The truth is that prayer warriors come in all sizes. At Wellspring, we believe the Lord is calling children to prayer. We have received many confirmations from God on this, therefore we are inviting families with children as young as 7 years old to serve in the Sunday Morning Prayer Teams at the altar after services.

We all know the power of God, the power of prayer, and we know the faith of little children along with their refreshing boldness will please the Lord Jesus and bless the Body! I think our children can teach us a few things! 1Peter 4:8 calls us to love one another deeply and prayer is a beautiful expression of that love.

If you are interested, Dawn Speer will provide a short, but very helpful training for all children and/or parents interested in serving on the Prayer Teams. The training will be Saturday, October 27 at 9:30am. The location TBD, we will forward that info as we approach the training date.

To register for the class, please contact Dawn Speer at by October 13, 2012 and if you have any questions regarding the training or the Sunday Prayer Ministry, please call me at 860-881-0886 or email me at

I hope to hear from you!

Love & Blessings,

Patty Gigliotti
Prayer Deacon

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