We Are Wellspring This Week: Kingdom Economics

Last Sunday, Debbie McKinniss, head of our Bethesda healing ministry, taught a session entitled “The Gospel of Wholeness.”  Wow!  What a time we had.

We’re all aware that the Gospel is the good news that by Jesus’ death and resurrection, we are rescued from the power of sin, brought back into relationship with God, and given eternal life.  This is what we often mean when we say that we are “saved.”

But that is the tiniest fraction (albeit an important fraction!) of what the Gospel is.  The Gospel means more than just being saved for a future eternity.  No, the Gospel has massive impact here and now, it changes our very lives today. The Gospel is the power by which we are able, by God’s grace, to be transformed to more and more resemble our beautiful Christ in this life.

That was the focus of our time Sunday morning.  What a privilege to be able to regard God’s work through Christ in greater fullness!

This coming Sunday, Pastor Wes and Pam Zinn will be co-teaching Kingdom Economics.  If we are people who worship the Creator, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10), what does that mean for the way we handle resources?  If we serve a God who lavishly gave Jesus to save us, how should that impact our generosity?  Come join us Sunday at 9:00 am in room B5.

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