Relationships and Showing God’s Love…..that’s what it’s all about.

As Crosscut Ministry finishes up the year, I usually try to step back and look at the bigger picture of where we are and what we’ve done. I ask myself, how has God impacted the families we’ve helped? Where does He want us to go next? What can we do better?  Believe me there was much to reflect on from this past year, and so much to look forward to this coming year.

This past year was a reorganizational year for Crosscut. It started in the late spring of 2011 when I was seeking guidance in prayer. The Lord told me that He had “bigger plans for Crosscut”. I, of course, told Him that He’s nuts and I can’t do anymore then I already was. Well…. we conversed for a couple of days (I mainly just argued with Him) and then He finally won (which He usually does). He gave me a small glimpse of the future of Crosscut and where He wants it to go. It’s all about impacting families in the physical, developing relationships with them and showing how much God loves them. For this to happen I could not do this alone, I needed help.

So I started researching many ways of fulfilling God’s plan and trying to figure out how to do it while at the same time trying to help families. I will admit I did drag my feet a little in this process. Then things took a turn I was not expecting.  My youngest son Dylan, who has many medical needs, was very sick for 3-4 month period. During that period, Crosscut came to a screeching halt. I know God didn’t give Dylan the sickness, but He did use that difficult time to gently slap me in the face as if to say “I told you you needed help” (He didn’t really tell me that, but I sure did think it). After that there was no more slacking off….I got it!

So a team and a plan started coming together and we went into this year with the mind frame of “Let’s see what works and what doesn’t.  Let’s improve upon the things that work and what doesn’t, lets fix it”…and that’s what we did. It was a fun and challenging year. I had to let go of some stuff (which was hard & a relief at the same time) and we had some new folks getting involved that were trying to learn everything that’s in my head, not an easy task might I add. We were all trying to figure out how to make this all work best for the families, and how we can best show how much Jesus loves them. It was a fun and tiring process.

We came up with new positions to spread out the responsibilities and tried to fit them to people’s individual gifts. So for the first time you truly didn’t need to know how to swing a hammer to be part of Crosscut, just have the heart to help. We have Family Liaisons that work with the families on a personal level; Project Leaders to work on the actual physical aspects of the home; Prayer Partners to pray for the team and family; Resource Leader to work on donations & supplies; Assessors to make initial visits to evaluate homes; Administrative Leader to do, well administrative stuff; and a Director (me) to make sure the coffee’s hot & the donuts are good.

During this whole re-organizational process we still managed to impact 8 families during the year, including Celebrate Mount Pleasant, which despite the rain delay, was a huge God moment/day. We moved washers & dryers, painted, repaired kitchens, installed floors, put up sheet rock, helped remove unwanted items, repaired gutters and much, much more. The physical things we did were a great help to those families in need, but the emotional and spiritual impact was even better. There were tears of joy and praises to God and thank you’s every time we helped someone. That’s my favorite part of Crosscut, watching God touch those around us. He does that soooo much better than I do!

We’ve learned a lot from this past year and I am so looking forward to watching God at work this next year. We already have many new faces joining us in different positions with Crosscut. New Family Liaisons and Project Leaders, both of these positions are very, very important to making the best impact on those families we help and sharing God’s love for them. We also have a new Assistant Director, Jess Punsalan, who will help me eat the donuts…haha.

We have planned on doing another 8-10 projects next year including Celebrate Mount Pleasant. One thing we have seen over this past year and going into next is the increased complexity of the projects we are doing. We will be starting the year off with a bang by remodeling and expanding a bathroom for a teenager with severe disabilities.  This will be our biggest project yet and will take place over a 3 – 5 day period and this is how we start the year, I can only imagine what else we will be doing next year!

As I close I want to thank everyone who has prayed and been part of Crosscut at one time or another.  Without all of you we would not be where we are today. Most importantly I want to thank God for taking Crosscut (& myself) under His wings and guiding us towards His vision. The one thing that is at the core of Crosscut is that it’s not about the physical acts that we do, but the relationships with the families, and showing God’s love….. that’s what it’s all about.

In the Spirit,

Chris Knapp


Crosscut Ministry


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