Changes for 2013 Tithes and Offerings!

There are new and improved changes to our record keeping of your tithes and offerings and other contributions to Wellspring that will simplify your record-keeping and give you immediate access to your year to date giving at any time throughout the year.

1) First of all – We have phased out the need for numbered offering envelopes. So, if you are looking for a box of offering envelopes for 2013 that you normally pick up at this time of year, these envelopes are no longer necessary. Our new system allows us to easily track and record your giving without the need for numbered envelopes.

Instead of using a numbered envelope, you can simply place your check in the offering plate. If you do need to designate a contribution for funds other than tithes and offerings (such as elders emergency fund), you can place your check or cash in an offering envelope located in the chair pockets in the sanctuary. You will see that the same designated categories are on the general offering envelope that you would have found on your numbered offering envelopes.

If you normally give cash and would like to have a record for tax purposes, please use the offering envelopes in the chair pockets in the sanctuary. Simply fill out your name and address portion, and place in the offering plate.

2) We now have two ways that you can give using your credit or debit card. You can use the offering envelopes found in the chair pockets. Please fill out the offering envelope completely, as all information is needed to safely process your credit card or debit card contribution.

You can also give online at using your credit card or debit card. Below is a tutorial video that guides you through the process.

3) Your 2012 Year End Contribution Statements are now available online! Please view the tutorial video below for instructions on how to view and print your 2012 Contribution Statements. This printable statement is sufficient for your tax preparation records. (You can also use this feature to check on your giving at any time throughout the year.)

If you do not have access to a computer or printer, please contact the office at 860-225-0661 or email, and we will print your 2012 Contribution Statement for you.

If you have any questions on any of these things, or if you just need some help being guided through the changes, please call the office at 860-225-0661.

Every blessing to you and to your family for the coming year!

~Pam Zinn

How to view your giving, give online and schedule giving:

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How to register for an account:

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