Good News from the Lead Team

It is very exciting to announce to the congregation that Pam Zinn has agreed to continue in the position of Church Administrator in an ongoing and full-time capacity, beginning January 1, 2013.

Pam has served Wellspring admirably in this same role over the past year and half in a part-time and interim role. When she took over the job our financial house was not in the best of shape. We were running a deficit of $38,000 and our operating cash funds had been depleted. We were on the brink of either needing to borrow operating funds or bouncing checks. Through Pam’s leadership cost-controls and significant budget cuts, including some staff benefits and scheduled salary increases, were instituted. She prepared an emergency six-month budget for the end of 2011 that allowed the congregation to end the year in the black. Similarly, the finances for 2012 are in good shape. All reserve funds have been re-funded to their proper levels and we currently have operating cash reserves of some $110,000. The congregation’s faithfulness, the staff’s cooperation and Pam’s leadership have made this possible. On the administrative side, Pam has worked with the pastors and the human resource committee of the elder board to begin a more formal process of staff evaluation and annual review. She has given excellent leadership during a difficult and turbulent season.

When Pam initially agreed to serve in this role as interim, she was quite adamant that she did not want to be considered for the position permanently. But over the past six months, she began to be open to continuing in the role. The elders have thoroughly vetted this decision and have given extensive counsel to the Lead Team about this hire. With that counsel in mind, and given the excellent performance of the past 18 months, the Lead Team is moving forward to hire Pam in a full-time and permanent capacity as Church Administrator. I personally am very grateful for this answer to prayer for our congregation.

~Nancy Riley
for the Lead Team

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