Pastor Rick McKinniss – January 20, 2013
Series: PassportPassage:John 3:1-7 | Eph 2:1-10 | Colossians 1:13-14 Overview:
Jesus says that one must be born from above to enter the Kingdom of God. What does he mean? Why is this so, and how is this accomplished?

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Pastor Wesley Zinn – January 27, 2013
Series: PassportPassage:Luke 5:15-16 | Mark 1:35 | Mark 14:32-35 | Matthew 6:5-8 Overview:
In our passport series, the second week studies prayer as Kingdom Communication. This message takes a broad perspective understanding of prayer as the interface between God our father, and we his children. This message complements the passport book study addressing more specifically how to pray and how to listen.

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – February 3, 2013
Series: PassportPassage:Acts 2:42-47 Overview:
The church is considered from two sets of contrasting perspectives: big church and small church; and ideal church and real church.

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Mike McKinniss – February 17, 2013
Series: PassportPassage:Ez 36:1-38 | Acts 1:4-8 Overview:
The Lord's goal is to make right every last wrong in this world. God's agents for doing so: the Holy Spirit and you.

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Pastor Bob Switzer – February 24, 2013
Series: PassportPassage:Ps 32:1-11 Overview:
Confession and Forgiveness is a opportunity for Blessing and Joy to be poured out on you. God loves to forgive, not judge.

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – March 3, 2013
Series: PassportPassage:2 Cor 10:3-5 | Rom 12:1-2 Overview:
Strongholds are fortresses in our minds and hearts that give the enemy a place to hid out and defeat us from within. How do we identify them? What are some common strongholds and how do we overcome them?

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Download the Bulletin Insert mentioned in the Sermon “Kingdom Victory: Dealing with Strongholds”

“Kingdom Victory: Dealing with Strongholds” Sermon Video:

James Allen – March 10, 2013
Series: PassportPassage:Acts 9:1-19 | Acts 22:4-16 | John 10:10 | Rev 19:10 | 1 Samuel 15:22 | Gal 5:17 | 2 Tim 1:7 | 1 John 4:18 | 1 John 2:5-6 | Philippians 3:10 | Col 3:2 | Matthew 6:10 Overview:
Jesus' mission was to bring life abundantly to all people and He commissioned us to do the same. As we carry the hope of heaven everywhere we go, we can be submitted to the spirits prompting and from that place God can touch the lives of people through us. It's a calling and an honor to live out life as a naturally supernatural christian!

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – March 17, 2013
Series: PassportPassage:1 Cor 12:3-13 Overview:
God has given His Spirit to His people so that He can accomplish His works on the earth through His people. How does the Lord work through you and how can you grow to see the Spirit act through you more effectively and in greater measure?

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Mandy Adendorff – March 24, 2013
Series: PassportPassage:Deut 8:1-20 | Gen 28:1-22 | Matt 14:1-36 Overview:
God's heart is generous. We as His children are releasers of His generosity. In this lesson we learn how to position our hearts, resources and energy to be in the flow of Kingdom abundance.

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – April 7, 2013
Series: PassportPassage:Ps 22:3 | Matthew 18:20 Overview:
The priority, pursuit, promise and prize of worship.

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