Feet healed and beautiful!

We received this testimony from a recent Bethesda Walk-in Healing Prayer Clinic:

Andrea came to a Saturday clinic experiencing unexplained tinging in the bottoms of both of her feet.  Doctors could not tell her why she had this condition.  She had suffered with it for 2 years off and on.  Her prayer ministers prayed for her and after a while, most of the tingling was gone.  So they prayed again and this time, all the tingling had left her feet.

In addition to the physical relief, Andrea began to see her feet as different.  During prayer, she forgave those who had hurt her and she let go of her bitterness.  Her feet had been surgically corrected when she was a child, and after she received healing she saw her feet as beautiful and strong.

She wrote, “As God corrects and strengthens my path, my walk is stronger and stronger.  My feet want to run after and with the Lord!”

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