Inner Healing Testimony

This is a testimony from someone who recently received inner healing at a Bethesda prayer ministry: 

I just wanted to convey my thoughts and gratitude for the inner healing prayer I received on Tuesday.  The three who prayed with and for me (I forgot their names as so much was swept out of my mind, soul, and spirit) were truly filled with the Holy Spirit and a love that only God could impart.

Sometimes I’ve taken the prayers of others for granted and I’m sure there is a substantial list of people that I’ve said in passing “I’ll or we’ll be praying for you”, but never followed through, or the prayer was superficial at best. But, there are those who’ve persevered through many valleys, deserts, and trials and who’ve “worked out their salvation with prayer and trembling”, who are able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit…and I was blessed with three genuine brothers and sisters in Christ at Wellspring.

I’ve been weeping throughout the day, allowing the cleansing oil of the power of God to continue to do its work and to receive the love I believed I hadn’t fully received…until the root was revealed and with the earnest prayer of all, the false perception was replaced with the truth.

I didn’t mean to ramble, but I feel so light!

Please feel free to share this message with the three, or with anyone else in your ministry that you care to.

Many blessings as you continue to do the work that God has called for Wellspring.

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