Memo From Heaven: An Expensive Seat With a View

Memo From Heaven: An Expensive Seat With a View

by Mandy Adendorff

airplane%20windowMy daughter burst out laughing as she entered her old bedroom – she had not been there since she was five. She was shocked because she expected a large, spacious room- instead the room was small. The room hadn’t changed, she had. Things look intimidating from two feet high, but from a height we see things quite differently.

Perspective is the way we view something- the angle we see things from – the place from where we view things will shape our attitude, our actions and inevitably our lives.

Paul prays that peoples’ “heart eyes” would see from a true perspective. Ephesians 1 & 2 teaches us about perspective- where we are positioned and how to see everything.

After Jesus died God raised Him from the dead and seated Him above all powers and systems that rule now and in the age to come. Jesus was placed above every power forever. He was placed FAR ABOVE these other authorities, (not just above them by the skin of His teeth fighting to maintain dominion.) There is a FAR, big gap between Jesus’ throne and all other authority.

That sounds nice, but possibly irrelevant to us down here on earth. The good news is that it doesn’t stop here. The same power that raised up Jesus and seated Him in heavenly places raised us up too and seated us with Him! We are not waiting to be seated with Him when we get to heaven, we are there now. (Eph 2:6) And where we are seated will change our view! Jesus paid for our seats so that we could sit with Him and see like Him.

We don’t have to fake ‘a big person perspective’ like a toddler trying to be an adult, we are already there. We are sitting with Jesus in heavenly places. This is reality. We are re-positioned to see things from the perspective of heaven because our position has changed. When we receive Christ our old nature dies with Him and we are raised and re-positioned in heavenly places with Him. This is a finished work.

When we understand where we are seated we will see from that perspective. If my daughter would have crawled into her old bedroom like a baby she would have seen like a baby, but she walked in tall the way that God intended and she saw correctly.

Every power, authority and system whether natural or spiritual is subject to Jesus Christ. You as a believer are seated in the position of authority with Jesus. That means that you carry the authority of heaven like Jesus.

We choose to live in one of two ways:

1. We choose to see from an earth perspective, though we are positioned in heavenly places we can still choose to see from a veiled perspective (seeing self, others, God & circumstances from earth’s view): We allow our attitude, beliefs and actions to flow from what we see and feel happening around us.


2. We choose to see from a heavenly perspective, from where we are seated (seeing self, others, God & circumstances from heaven’s view): We allow our attitude, beliefs and actions to flow from truth; the way heaven is and God sees. Often truth cannot be seen or felt here on earth until we believe it & become a vessel for it to flow through.

We don’t have to give up.

We don’t have to submit to evil.

We don’t have to yield to brokenness.

Disappointment does not have to have the power to paralyze us.

We can see things we never thought possible.

We can do things we don’t have the natural strength to do.

Life takes on new meaning when we’re sitting with Christ with eyes open seeing earth from heaven.

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