New Life Group Opportunities

It’s fall, and for many of us life barely slowed down for summer, and now there seems to be even more stuff to do.

I want to encourage you to re-engage with the life groups that you participated in last year. Many in our community facilitate or host life groups throughout each week. A complete listing of life groups is available on our website with details of when and where they meet.

I would also like to introduce to you two new groups that will begin in the next few weeks.

1. “Prayers that Heal the Heart” will be taught by Carol Nicholls. The lessons show how our heads and our hearts speak different languages. Our hearts are where the wounds of life reside. Our heads try to tell our hearts to “get over it” but we honestly can’t until we learn to speak the language of our hearts. You will learn how to bring Jesus into your wounded place and let Him show you the path to healing.

This group will meet on Wednesday nights at the Meeting Place here on campus at 7:00pm beginning October 2. This study requires you to purchase the book and workbook. The book will be available for $10 at the first class and the workbook is available for download here and for purchase here. This study has shown over the years here at Wellspring to be a very significant opportunity for people to find healing and become more confident in their ability to share healing with others that they know.

2. “Hosting God’s Presence” is a book study based on a work by Bill Johnson. This study will be facilitated by Gary Miller, and also requires the purchase of a book and workbook. If you are unable to purchase the workbook because it is on back order, please come anyway! Slide handouts will be available. This group will meet on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm here at the main Wellspring campus beginning October 9.

I do understand several life groups are encouraging their people to attend the 40 Days of Worship events during this significant 40 days. I would encourage you to stay engaged with your community and attend these events together. When you return to regularly scheduled activities be sure to bring testimonies from the nights that you attend.

I look forward to a very significant year of increase for each individual this year at Wellspring. I also look forward to an increase in the number of individuals who come to Wellspring. I think this year is going to be big on many levels.

~ Pastor Bob

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