Pastor Wesley Invites You to an Evening with Jeff Collins

Last September we received deep and powerful ministry from Jeff Collins, and we have the privilege of hosting him again next Friday night September 20th for an evening of worship, teaching and ministry. The service starts at 7pm.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend significant time with Jeff over the last year, here at Wellspring, in California, in Cyprus, and this past week in Geneva. (I know none of you are jealous because you have such pure hearts…so, bless them Lord!) It has stretched me and blessed me immensely, and therefore I’m very grateful that Jeff will minister to the Wellspring community again this year.

I describe Jeff as “the oil of the Lord.” He flows wherever the Lord leads him carrying an anointing of the Holy Spirit’s presence that blesses everyone he ministers to. I strongly encourage you to consider joining us next Friday night. Wellspring will be blessed, you will be blessed, and the Lord will be glorified. So why wouldn’t you come? I hope to see you there.

Pastor Wesley

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