How About A Heaping Dose of Kindness?

How About A Heaping Dose of Kindness?

by Linda J. Maynard

heartkindnessGod is kind, but He’s not soft. In kindness He takes us firmly by the hand and leads us into a radical life-change.

Romans 2:4 The Message

 The Lord’s heart must break when the Gospel of Love is presented in a negative away.  How skewed a presentation it is to make people frightened by God, rather than embraced.

 Here are a few instances in which I’ve found Christianity misrepresented:

1) Presenting God the Father as a vindictive and angry person
2) Believing God’s main role is to catch you doing something wrong
3) Instructing others that they have to reach unbelievable heights of perfection to get any Love from the Lord
4) Shaming people as a means for them to turn away from their sinful lifestyle
5) Publicly exposing sins, so that a person will feel naked in the sight of others
6) Creating a long list of manmade rules and regulations
7) Telling people how to dress and style their hair
8) Wrongly declaring that men are superior to women

 I am sure that you could add your own to this list.

 Scaring the bejeebes out of someone would never be a method I would respond to.  Scripture says it is the kindness of God that brings a person to repentance. It was kindness that caused me to open the door of possibility.  Why? Because, it dawned on me, this Love was not anything like I expected or ever experienced.

I thank God for ordinary women, who week after week in a Bible Study, with no other “agenda” in mind, showed the love of God through His word. They provided the platform for the Holy Spirit to woo me into Truth and subsequently into the Family of God.
Until then, I avoided the God by any means I could.

Step by step, His kindness broke through the dark clouds of fear in my heart.  As Kindness sang a song of deliverance, I was able to fly out of the cage that held me prisoner for many years.  Now, I too can sing a song declaring that the Lord is kind.  He is not One to fear.
It is a very sweet sounding tune indeed.

Lord, let me be the expression of Your kind love to all those I meet. When the realization comes, walk through the door of life.

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