Improved WiFi

We made some improvements to the WiFi coverage and reliability in the Wellspring building.

How does this affect you? Well, besides just being better, it means that you will need to enter the password again for the new WiFi zones.

“Wellspring Church” has been replaced by “Sanctuary 5GHz” and “Sanctuary 2.4GHz”.
“Wellspring Office” has been replaced by “Office 5GHz” and “Office 2.5GHz”.
We also added “Lower Hallway 5GHz” and “Lower Hallway 2.4GHz”.
“Wellspring2” and “Wellspring Parsonage” have not changed.

The password for all the WiFi zones remains the same. The password is posted around the building. You can also ask any staff member for the password. Also, if you know the password, feel free to share it with anyone in the building.

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