The Governor, 40 Days Initiative, and Impact Connecticut

Years ago, I mean many years ago, I received a prophetic word from a seasoned and accurate prophet: “Impact and influence. Impact and influence. These are two key words I hear the Lord saying about your ministry here in Connecticut. The Lord will use you to help change his church here in Connecticut.”

These are big words containing a big challenge and an invitation from heaven to exercise impact and influence beyond the scope of our local fellowship. At times, this has been daunting; at times exhilarating. At all times, I have felt the strength of the support of the body at Wellspring to pursue this call and invitation. Thank you!

Now, we are in the midst of the most amazing endeavor that I have ever been part of–these 40 Days of Worship. It has been awesome to see what God has done through this statewide initiative. Just last Wednesday, I was at the gathering at Bethel Christian Church in Bristol. A dozen ministries from across the ethnic and denominational spectrum were represented. The beyond-capacity crowd spilled into three overflow halls! The joy and power and presence of the Lord in the house was palpable for all who were there. I kept rejoicing in the Lord for what He was doing in his Body.

I also kept thinking, “Thank God I didn’t give up on this vision!” Believe me, there have been times and seasons when I wanted to! Many times it has been tempting to just focus on all of the challenges and opportunities at Wellspring. But those words “impact and influence” have continued to reverberate in my spirit. Now with the momentum generated by the 40 Days initiative and the strengthened relationships across Connecticut, we really have an opportunity to see unprecedented statewide collaboration for Kingdom advance!

To that end–please let me invite you to join me for an unprecedented opportunity this coming Sunday. I have been asked to speak at the 40 Days gathering at the First Cathedral in Bloomfield. Governor Malloy has also been invited to attend–and he has accepted. So–here is an opportunity to be in the room and pray for the governor and all that his office represents. The meeting begins at 4pm that afternoon, Sunday, October 6th. I would welcome your support. You can get directions here.

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