Goodbye to “Clear Voice” but not to the Prophetic

Goodbye to Clear Voice but not to the prophetic!

I am writing to inform you that Clear Voice, the prophetic ministry here at Wellspring, will no longer be functioning as a stand alone ministry.  Instead the prophetic is being absorbed into the Prayer Ministry. Just to be clear, the prophetic is very much alive at Wellspring! We thank the Lord and all the dedicated ones He used to birth the prophetic at Wellspring.

Clear Voice was a great beginning! We know according to the Bible that we are ALL called to prophesy. What is prophecy? It is a gift from God for the blessing and encouraging of others. It is speaking out the things that are on God’s heart that are yet to come.  It is really another type of prayer, one where we listen for God’s heart for another and then declare it. I Cor. 14:1-3 states that we should eagerly seek the gift of prophecy for the edification, strengthening and comfort of each other and His body. Do you remember the last prophetic word you received?  Did it encourage you and bless you wildly?

So, even though this is the end of Clear Voice it is only the beginning of the immeasurable move of the prophetic here at Wellspring! The Prayer Ministry’s plan is to offer training on various types of prayer including the prophetic, so if you believe you hear the voice of God or you desire to hear His voice more clearly come join us for a training. It is a safe place to gather and practice hearing the Lord’s voice for yourself and others. Keep an eye out on the website for training.

Beginning January 2014 the Sunday morning ministry teams will move more freely in the prophetic. This means you can come forward every week for whatever you are in need of, i.e. an encouraging word from God, physical healing, a blessing.  Whatever you need, we are here to stand with you in agreement before God. The Prayer Ministry teams are equipped and willing, so please come to receive a fresh, life giving word.

Patty Gigliotti – Prayer Deacon

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