Healings from January’s Walk-in Healing Prayer Clinic

On January 18, we held our regular monthly Walk-in Healing Prayer Clinic.  This month, we had a record number of people come for prayer with all sorts of physical healing needs—from relatively minor to very serious.  The testimonies are coming back and here are 3 to share with you now.  More coming later!

A woman came in with night blindness due to cataracts.  She was prayed for by two of the healing prayer ministers and on follow-up, reported that she had been able to drive to her grandchildren’s ball games and could see just fine.  Praise God!

A man asked for prayer for asthma, among other things.  He reported that the asthma condition was much better.

A woman came in with degenerative arthritis in her left foot.  The cartilage was gone, leaving her with bone-on-bone and much pain that was increasing.  This woman was fairly young to be dealing with this condition.  It had resulted from a broken bone a few years earlier.  She had hip pain because of the limping.  The following week when she was contacted, she reported that her foot and hip were healed with much reduced pain.

God is SO good!  There are more testimonies coming from that day’s prayer…we will report them as they come in.

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