Impact Connecticut 2014 and Wellspring

Years ago, Kensington Baptist Church adopted a vision statement that contained the phrase, “Our vision is to be a catalyst for spiritual renewal and revival” in our own communities and beyond. Now under the banner of Wellspring, our congregation has been used by the Lord to help foster a vision that reaches far beyond our own congregation. The latest expression of this vision is an upcoming conference we are privileged to host at Wellspring on March 28 and 29—Impact Connecticut 2014.

The tagline for the conference is the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole state. It is an exciting venture to pull this conference together and host it at our church. Impact Connecticut 2014 is a celebration of what God is doing in our state by way of God–honoring worship, prayer, and testimonies of Kingdom advance; as well as a resourcing conference of best ministry practices. Speakers and presenters are coming from all across the Body of Christ in our state to share the story of what God is doing here. Friday’s day session features church-based ministry and outreach. Saturday’s day session focuses more on community outreach and lay-launched ministry beyond the walls of church. These daytime sessions constitute the conference proper and require registration at the website to attend. (See

The 7pm evening sessions are open to the public and will be conducted as renewal style meetings. Dr. Clive Calver of Walnut Hill Church is speaking Friday night and Prophet Bob Hazlett is ministering on Saturday evening. More information can be found on the website.

I really want to ask all of you to pray for this conference. Pray that the Lord will honor our efforts to continue advance in the vision of partnering together as the Body of Christ across denominational, ethnic, and socio-economic lines and that we would see our cities and towns impacted by the Kingdom of God. This means lives being made new by the gospel and society being reformed and transformed by the truth and power of God’s ways that lead to life. It also means that we, the people of the Kingdom, learn how to serve our neighbors and our communities as we embody the life and love of the Kingdom that we proclaim.

Some of you may feel led to register for the conference and attend the daytime sessions. You are all invited for the evening celebrations.

Blessings, Pastor Rick

Impact Connecticut 2014

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