Living in the Flow of God’s Kingdom Economy

I’m pleased to introduce to you my book, I Got This. I’m excited to have this resource available to help communicate the message and insights the Lord has given me to share.

I will be officially releasing the book with a seminar called “Living in the Flow of God’s Kingdom Economy.” The seminar, in coordination with the Wellspring School of Leadership, will be held at Wellspring this Saturday May 17, from 9am to Noon. It is open to everyone.  No need to register.  Walk-ins are welcome.

The inspiration for writing this book has been you. So often when I have spoken on giving and generosity, people have requested more teaching and an opportunity to go deeper into the topic. This seminar (and a complimentary copy of my book) will give us the opportunity to do just that.

Saturday, May 17

9am – 12pm

$20 admission includes a complimentary copy of
“I Got This”

Unlike most Christian-based finance seminars and books, I do not focus on money management and good stewardship. Although those are important topics, I focus instead on the underlying principles of God’s kingdom, how his economy works, and practical ways for us to both live in and live out of the flow of heaven’s provision.

I encourage you to attend the seminar. Through illustrations, demonstrations, participation exercises, and teaching we will shift our perspective from viewing finances through the world’s lens to gaining a clearer understanding of God’s desire to be our provider, our Jehovah-Jireh. I trust you’ll enjoy the experience, and I know I will enjoy giving you a signed copy of my book.

More information about the seminar is available here.

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