This Saturday: Uniting Our Voices for the Rescue of Our Neighborhoods

Human trafficking and the sex trade has become a severe crisis, not just on the other side of the globe, but here in the United States and even in our own local neighborhoods. Running through the towns of Wethersfield, Newington, Berlin and Meriden, the Berlin Turnpike and its dozens of motels plays host to the exploitation of hundreds of people each year.

This sad crisis touches many of our hearts, and it touches the Lord’s heart as well. He is ever on the side of the oppressed; he is a God of justice.

The Wellspring School of Leadership is teaming up with The Underground, a local network of committed Christians focused on ending the sex trade on the Turnpike, to host a prayer gathering Saturday, April 26, here at Wellspring. Our purpose is to engage with the Lord for the rescue of these oppressed in our towns.

Saturday, April 26

7:00 pm

Free admission –
an offering will be collected

I am also pleased that we will be welcoming special guest Jim Martin, Vice President of Spiritual Formation at International Justice Mission, an organization devoted to combating the sex trade worldwide on the basis of their partnership with the Lord. Jim will be sharing on the work of IJM and, more importantly, the need for all Christians standing for justice to remain intimately connected to the Father, the God of justice.

Please join your voice with ours as we intercede on behalf of our towns and on behalf of those who may not have the power to speak out. This will be an important step toward bringing the Lord’s kingdom to bear in this desperate arena.

Mike McKinniss

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