Rebuilding Together Recap

On Saturday, April 26th, a determined group of volunteers from Wellspring joined Rebuilding Together to bless a New Britain family in need of home repairs. Rebuilding Together is a national organization that believes that everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy home. We have partnered with them for many years. I am writing to give a huge thank you to all who participated in Rebuilding Together day. We came together and were able to really bless the family we were assigned.

Here is a recap of what was accomplished on the technical side:

  • Weather-stripped the side door
  • Vented their dryer to the outside
  • Installed a light in their living room
  • Repaired their kitchen sink and replaced the rotted baseboard underneath
  • Laid down laminate flooring in the kitchen
  • Fixed a bedroom door and the inside front door
  • Replaced 3 additional bedroom doors and a closet door, and gave them a door on their own bedroom
  • Added a vent and light to the downstairs bathroom
  • Repaired tile in the shower
  • Repaired holes in the walls in the office and painted it a bright beautiful color, as well as painting the hall going upstairs
  • Replaced their non-working front storm door
  • Made repairs to their sink in the upstairs bathroom
  • Helped them with some yard work when the rain stopped

Phew! That’s a lot. But even better was the impact we had on this family. The mother was so overjoyed to finally have a door on her bedroom and just couldn’t believe that so many people came together to help them. They are a family who gives much to take care of many foster children so they were so overwhelmed with the kindness of our team to get all of this done. We had one of their sons on the project with us and he was excited to see all the changes to their house, and more importantly, got to help make those changes. He was more than happy to work alongside our team and get to be part of making such an impact. As for the father, he was relieved at how much was accomplished. Being the sole provider for his family and working third shift leaves him little time and energy to be able to accomplish all the tasks that were needed on his home. We shrunk his “honey-do list” by 3/4 at least!

This was truly a wonderful day for all involved. If this sounds intriguing to you, Crosscut Ministry is always looking for additional team members. Feel free to send us an email at or speak with Jess Punsalan to find out how you can get involved.

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