Apply to the Wellspring School of Leadership for Free in June

The Wellspring School of Leadership has just completed its fourth year, but we are already looking ahead to the start of the program this fall. If you have been considering WSL as the perfect means to transform your way of seeing yourself and your place in God’s kingdom, now is the best time to apply.

We have extended our application fee waiver through the end of June. It is free to apply until July 1, when the $35 application fee takes effect.

The Wellspring School of Leadership is a two year program designed to help you

  • discover your unique blend of God-given passions, gifts and abilities;
  • learn God’s heart for you and your world;
  • unlock creative ways to bring God’s kingdom to the places you care about most!

We do it all in a way that accommodates your busy schedule and fits your budget. For details, visit

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