Activate Your Purpose with the School of Leadership

The Wellspring School of Leadership has completed its fourth year, and we are eagerly looking ahead to the start of the program this fall. If you have been considering WSL as the perfect means to transform your way of seeing yourself and your place in God’s kingdom, now is a great time to apply.

Don’t let the summer slip away before you’ve applied for the Wellspring School of Leadership!

One of the remarks we so often hear from current and former students is that their confidence in their own identity and the gifts God has given them. They discover, deep down, that it is most honoring to God when they are who they are. We could hardly receive a better compliment, that we’re helping men and women become who they were always meant to be!

The Wellspring School of Leadership is a two year program designed to help you

  • discover your unique blend of God-given passions, gifts and abilities;
  • learn God’s heart for you and your world;
  • unlock creative ways to bring God’s kingdom to the places you care about most!

We do it all in a way that accommodates your busy schedule and fits your budget. For details, visit

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