Wellspring of Hope Tutoring and Mentoring – Training on August 23rd

Wellspring of Hope has been on outreach to the city of New Britain for 7 years! In that short time, we’ve established several programs, three of which are primarily geared towards children in the city: Mentoring in Lincoln School, After-school tutoring program in the community of Mount Pleasant, and the “Big L” Sidewalk Sunday School.

Through these programs, the leadership of Wellspring of Hope (WOH) has been privileged to witness life changing events which have lasting impact on the child and the mentor alike!. The birth of a new relationship occurs with each child and their mentor.



These programs are in need of people like you to help impact the children of New Britain! Join us this school year making a difference in a child’s life. Please consider attending our annual training so that you can share in this vital and rewarding ministry – one kid at a time!

Our next Training will be on Sat. Aug. 23rd 8:30am – 12:00pm at Wellspring Church

Register here:

For questions contact Linda Briggs 860-621-8509 or linda.briggs@cox.net

Wellspring of Hope requires a mandatory training for adults who are interested in mentoring children at the Lincoln Elementary School in New Britain. Led by Linda Briggs, this training prepares you for the service opportunity to show God’s love to these children. Mentors are asked to make a 1 year commitment to their assigned child.

Encouraging Testimonies from our Ministry:

We can all recall the anticipation of an upcoming school field trip. Many times it was a place we had never been and the break from the classroom was usually welcomed too. Such a day was scheduled for Xavier’s class. Also on the schedule was our Annual Mentor Breakfast. This is when the mentor, mentee and their family have the opportunity to spend time together. Xavier’s teacher began to tell him that he would not be able to attend the breakfast because it was on the same day as the class field trip. To the teacher’s surprise, Xavier asked her if he could go to the Mentor Breakfast instead of the field trip. He told her he would rather spend time with Mr. Bill, his mentor. Wow!! It was arranged and he did attend the breakfast. What a strong relationship! One that a child has a tremendous desire for and one that he is willing to forfeit his class field trip for. It speaks volumes of the impact a mentor can have on a child.

Our next testimony is about Yvonne’s heart warming experience as a mentor. She attended our very first training some 7 years ago. She expressed a lack of confidence at times based on the fact that she never had children of her own. Her desire to be a mentor was evident and God equipped her along the way. She has been mentoring a young boy named Adam for 2 years. This past year on a particular day, they talked about all the things they had in common. Adam shared how much he appreciated Yvonne coming to see him every week. He asked her if she would be able to meet with him straight through High School!! What tremendous value he must place on their relationship. The hope in him for the future is priceless. During that same discussion he told her that he considered her his “School Mom.” Yvonne shared with me how that touched her heart. The title of a Mom!! Again another strong relationship was being built.

We praise and thank the Lord! Our God is a relational God. Through relationships all our mentors have been able to teach, encourage and love a child. The impact will last a lifetime.

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