Brandon and the Hope his Family’s Found

Wellspring of Hope (WOH) is our outreach to the city of New Britain, and includes a mentoring program at Lincoln School, an after-school program at Mount Pleasant, and Big L.
Their annual training is this Saturday, August 23rd.  To learn more and register for the Wellspring of Hope training, click here.

The following testimony is from Kathy Griswold, Ministry Leader of WOH Big L Sidewalk School.
In a few weeks, nine-year-old Brandon will enter the 4th grade at Lincoln School in New Britain. Brandon is mentored through WOH mentoring ministry and participates in WOH Mount Pleasant after-school program and Big L Sidewalk School, but his story and that of his family goes much deeper than mere participation in these outreach ministries–they’re ones of wholeness and redemption.

Brandon first got involved in the WOH Mentoring Ministry three years ago, when he was in the 1st grade. In the three years since then, Brandon and his mentor “Miss Judy” have been meeting for an hour, once a week. On the fridge in Brandon’s home at Mount Pleasant is picture of the two of them, where everyone in the family acknowledges the importance and value of the relationship that Brandon and his mentor share.

Brandon was a toddler when the Big L Sidewalk School started. He watched his older brothers and sister participate until it was finally his turn to come to the truck every other week, hear about Jesus, and meet Big L’s mascot Lion Big L.

A creative little boy, Brandon made a mascot of his own. Back in the 1st grade, Brandon’s teacher told his mentor that he LOVES Sonic the Hedgehog and that Brandon is an artist. This past summer, Brandon had the honor of designing and helping to paint a mural at Celebrate Mount Pleasant, Wellspring’s annual outreach workday in the Mount Pleasant community. The mural featured a giant hedgehog that can be seen by all leaving the Mount Pleasant community. Written across the mural in large letters, it says, “Thank you for visiting our community! John 3:15.”

God’s favor, mercy and love continues to be poured out on not only Brandon but his family as well. His dad, Jose, came to know the Lord when Pastor Wesley prayed with him at a Worship night at Mount Pleasant several years ago, and Heaven rejoiced! Brandon’s mom, Lisa, was housebound for a couple of years. She came outside at Celebrate Mount Pleasant immediately after her husband accepted Jesus as his Savior. There were many festivities that day–flowers, hot dogs, friends, but these things are not what got her attention. She came outside to go to the prayer tent! Lisa made what for her was a very long journey from her home to the tent and was met with the love of Christ as Patty Gigliotti and her team prayed over her, Jose, and the kids. Heaven rejoiced again, the darkness was pushed back. The congregation of Wellspring and the prayer teams continued to pray and Lisa is now beginning to leave her home more and more often.

Brandon and his family are an incredible encouragement and it is a honor to love and serve with them. Our God is Good!

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