A Year of Following Jesus

Jesus’ basic call to discipleship is very simple: “Follow me.”

The first disciples literally did just that. Peter and Andrew, James and John left their nets and fishing boats behind and followed Jesus day and night for the next three years. Hard–and simple. They wanted to be with Jesus; wanted to learn from him; wanted to become like him. So they followed and became disciples.

Today following Jesus is not as simple. He is no longer physically present or proximate to allow us to literally follow him. But this still is at the heart of what it means to be a disciple—we are called to follow Jesus.

Over the coming year at Wellspring we are committing ourselves anew to follow Jesus. To do more than gather on Sundays as a congregation in order to worship the Risen Lord—we want to become Christ-followers in our everyday lives.

How are we going to go about this? What is involved in following Jesus in our 21st century world? What does a Christ-follower need to know? To become? To do? Our team has been working hard on thinking and praying through these central questions. This will be our focus over the next ministry year.

To help each of us in this journey we have developed a path and want to help connect you with fellow followers for the journey. The path is a course of study, reflection, prayer and application. It is divided into three segments of ten core lessons. The first focuses on what a Christ-follower needs to know. The second on what a disciple needs to become. And the third segment focuses on what one is called to do as a follower of Jesus. These topics will be the focus of our Sunday morning teachings for most of the coming year; and we are producing some excellent materials for your own study and reflection.

But just like in Jesus’ day, the following was never intended to be a solo venture. We are forming “Following Jesus” groups to connect you with fellow followers in order to support, challenge and encourage you along the way. You will be hearing more about these groups in coming weeks, if you have not already been invited to join one.

During the Sundays in September you will be hearing more about this exciting venture we are embarking upon as a congregation. In all my years of ministry this initiative is the most intense and the most intentional endeavor I have ever been a part of to help us all become better followers of Jesus.

I’m in for the journey. How about you?

Join us on September 14th for Launch Sunday and learn about what we’ll be doing for this Year of Following Jesus!

Pastor Rick McKinniss

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