Pressing On with Celebrate Recovery

Ministry to broken lives is a core value to us in the Wellspring community. Ministry to broken lives is also very hard. I’d like to share with you some adjustments we are making to our Celebrate Recovery ministry for the next season. We are making these changes to maintain a successful ministry given the realities of how many leaders we have been able to maintain. Please pray for everyone involved with Celebrate Recovery, for this season to be successful and for the Lord to send more workers into these very ripe fields!

Starting this Thursday, October 16, we will be replacing our open large group celebration with coffee and worship at 6:30pm followed by men’s and women’s step groups at 7:00pm. Step groups are open for the first seven weeks and then closed to newcomers for confidentiality reasons. So, the entire meeting will be closed to newcomers in early December.

If you have any questions please contact me ( or 860-225-0661 x134) or Dan and Lynn Rouleau.

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