Ministry Partner Support Updates from Pastor Wes

Most of you are aware that Wellspring supports a number of missionaries and partner ministries. These range from Kuvi tribal church planters in Eastern India to a college campus minister here in Connecticut. Periodically, during our Sunday services you have met some of the people we support, and have heard about their ministries. Some of these people are part of our congregation, such as Bonnie and Dan Licata who support local churches on a Native American Indian Reservation in South Dakota; and Rich and Sally Luzietti, who work with incarcerated youth. Others are full-time foreign missionaries such as Steve and Carol Smith who visited us last fall while they were home from their mission field in Ivory Coast, West Africa.

In addition to financial support, Wellspring remains in regular communication with all of our missionaries and partner ministries, and prays for them. I know many of you would like to have a greater opportunity to know and connect with them. The Wellspring Missions Team is considering how we may better share with you about all of our missionaries. I hope that we will have this in place in the near future, but for now let me share with you an update on three support decisions that we have recently made.

Coram Deo, led by Jody and Jon Davis, provides housing to women in recovery. They operate a number of houses with all the demands of home ownership. Wellspring is providing 4 new washers and dryers for these homes. This is in addition to our regular monthly support, and will provide a much-needed service to the women. When you see Jody or Jon, thank them for their compassion and tireless service to those in need.

Come&Live! is a record label with a ministry model of using music to open doors for the Gospel. This month they are releasing a documentary capturing stories from their ongoing work in Colombia. Some Wellspringers have been part of the outreach trips to Columbia and are featured in the documentary. The Come&Live! National Premiere of the Documentary will be here in Southington. In addition to our monthly support, Wellspring is helping to underwrite this gospel sharing documentary with an additional gift of $1,000.

Hope Immanuel Mission (HIM), the ministry of John and Christina Norton, focuses on the needy in the city of New Britain. This has included street ministry, prayer,feeding the poor, and a monthly open door worship event called The Gathering (which meets this Friday night at Trinity-on-Main in New Britain). The vision extends far beyond that. Jon is purchasing a passenger van to facilitate the distribution of food and goods and transport people when needed. Wellspring is contributing $1,000 to the purchase of the van, giving John the full amount he needs. When you see John and Christina, thank them for their endless compassion and the way they extend the Father’s love to so many.

One last thing, if you are interested in being part of the Missions Team and our stewardship of this important aspect of Wellspring’s ministry, please contact me. May God’s blessings shine his favor upon all of our missionaries and partner ministries.

Pastor Wes

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