Following Jesus Session One

Jesus’ call to discipleship is very simple: “Follow me.”

The first disciples literally did just that. Peter and Andrew, James and John left their nets and fishing boats behind and followed Jesus day and night for the next three years. They wanted to be with Jesus; they wanted to learn from him; they wanted to become like him. So they followed and became disciples.

But how do we follow Jesus in the 21st century, when he is no longer physically present or proximate to allow us to literally follow him? A Year of Following Jesus concentrates on the fundamental elements of being a disciple of Christ today. This first session, Redemption’s Story, highlights the things it is important for any follower of Jesus to know, namely what the Lord has done in the biblical narrative.

 Pastor Rick McKinniss – September 7, 2014
Series: A Year of Following JesusPassage:Matthew 11:28-30 | John 6:60-69 | Luke 24:49 Overview:
The basic call of discipleship comes from Jesus: 'Follow me.' Three perspectives on what is involved in following Jesus. Is this endeavor easy, hard or possible?

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – September 14, 2104
Series: Following JesusPassage:2 Timothy 2:2-7 Overview:
What does it mean to follow Jesus in our modern world? What part of becoming a disciple is up to me? What is God's part? How do I partner with the Lord in the effort? Preparatory perspectives for the launch of the Year of Following Jesus.

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Pastor Wesley Zinn – September 21, 2014
Series: Following JesusPassage:1 John 1:5-7 Overview:
We are made in the image of a relational God. We are created to be in relationship with him and with others. Relationships are not only enjoyable, but healthy relationships are life-giving.

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – October 5, 2014
Series: Following JesusPassage:Ps 100:1-5 Overview:
At the beginning of a year-long journey of Following Jesus, the first step focuses on the unchangeable goodness of God. Who is this God that Jesus points us toward and connects us to? Why should we make the journey? Answer: God is good and his loyal love toward his people endures forever.

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – October 12, 2014
Series: Following JesusPassage:Psalm 8:1-9 Overview:
The journey of self-discovery is the quest of modern, psychological man. Who am I? and What am I here for? are two of life's most basic questions. As we follow Jesus, how do these quests merge?

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – October 19, 2014
Series: Following Jesus Overview:
(Overview unavailable)

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Pastor Wesley Zinn – October 26, 2014
Series: Following JesusPassage:Ruth | Romans 8:28 | Romans 6:23 Overview:
The Bible is a collection of stories, that together become God's Redemption Story. And we are invited into the story, both to receive redemption and to be carriers of God's redemption into this world.

Note: for those who did not see me preach this sermon and are only listening, I illustrated redemption by breaking a pane of glass, but then revealing a stained-glass window, crafted from broken pieces of glass. (I hope that helps in your understanding as you listen to the message.)

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – November 2, 2014
Series: Following JesusPassage:Mark 1:40-42 Overview:
The story of Jesus is the centerpiece in God's story of redemption. This teaching examines the context, the concrete content and the climax of the Jesus story as it unveils the heart of God for humanity and how he moves to redeem individuals and all of his creation.

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Pastor Wesley Zinn – November 9, 2014
Series: Following JesusPassage:John 14:15-20 | John 14:25-26 | John 16:12-13 | John 17:20-26 Overview:
We may envision how Jesus ministered his love and hope while he was here on earth, praying for people and laying hands on them. But how does he work today? And how do we join him in his desire to be in a life-giving relationship with all who believe in him? This message looks at Jesus' own words and prayers addressing these questions to his disciples in his last days on earth.

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Georgia Coy – November 17, 2014
Series: Following Jesus Overview:
Georgia Coy became a friend of Wellspring when she visited with a ministry team from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry a few years ago. The Lord is currently leading her in a process of discovering her particular ministry call, which will next lead her to the U.K. In this message she shares her own personal history of coming to know Jesus as a young woman in Australia.

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – November 23, 2014
Series: Following JesusPassage:Romans 6:3-8 Overview:
The initiation ritual of Christian baptism dramatizes the primary process of the journey of Following Jesus: crucifixion and resurrection. Dying and rising is how Jesus accomplished our redemption; following him in this dynamic is how we become like him and how his redemption is advanced in this world.

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – November 30, 2014
Series: Following JesusPassage:Ephesians 2:10 Overview:
What is humanity's purpose? What is our purpose as part of the redeemed humanity in Christ? The answer the Apostle Paul supplies to these questions trace back to Genesis one and may surprise you.

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – December 7, 2014
Series: Following JesusPassage:Titus 2:11-14 | Rev 21:1-27 | Rev 22:1-21 Overview:
What role does hope play in the journey of Following Jesus? What is the ultimate hope that the Scripture calls us to pursue and live from? Three pictures in the final two chapters of Revelation paint pictures of this hope.

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