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For the last three years, Come&Live! has had the opportunity to travel on mission to Bogota, Colombia to share Jesus with its people. During the two most recent trips (2012-2013) I found myself among the travelers working tirelessly to advance the gospel on the ground. To my surprise (perhaps it shouldn’t have been a surprise) it wasn’t me who was blessing the people I encountered, but it was Jesus blessing me with a display of his majesty and goodness.

The film we’ve created over the course of these three years is an attempt to share that goodness with the world! It will impact people uniquely but my single greatest expectation is this: those who ask will receive, those who seek will find, those who knock will find a door opened. Those who watch with open hearts will receive encouragement for the areas where they’ve struggled, many will find freedom, and others will find Jesus for the first time.

My invitation to you is to come and watch a film on Saturday, November 1 at The Tabernacle in Southington at 6:00pm, but more than that, I’d love it if you’d join me in prayer for this film to reach a generation who is hungry for answers and in need of Jesus. I’m asking the Lord to reveal his heart to those who have felt far from him and those who have never felt him… I’m asking the Lord to use this in some small way to help this generation love Jesus.

Hope to see you there!
James Allen

Showing begins at 6:00pm – No cost – Love offering taken

About the Author
James Allen serves as the Communications Manager at Wellspring. He, his wife, their son, and frenchie live in Farmington, CT. See his whole biography here.

Watch a few clips we’ve pulled to preview:

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