Following Jesus Session Three

Jesus’ call to discipleship is very simple: “Follow me.”

As we live to demonstrate and advance the Kingdom of God Jesus has brought near, we must also do what we need to do in order to stay close to Jesus. Following Jesus in Action is two intertwined aspects of actively living like Jesus: to expand the work that Jesus has begun in the gospels and take part in the practices a follower of Jesus undertakes to further her transformation into Christ-likeness. This is we will explore in A Year of Following Jesus, Session 3: Following Jesus in Action.

James Allen – April 19, 2015
Series: Following JesusPassage:Luke 7:1-10 | Romans 10:9 Overview:
'Jesus is Lord' is one of the shortest and oldest Christian creeds yet it carries profound and distinct meaning. Listen along as we explore how a Centurion gives Jesus the title, 'Lord' and how this applies to us in 2015. Don't forget to declare, 'Jesus is Lord!'

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – April 26, 2015
Series: Following JesusPassage:Luke 22:24-30 Overview:
At his 'Last Supper' with his disciples, Jesus challenges them and all would-be followers with what is at the core of his redemptive mission and how leadership is to be exercised in God's Kingdom. In this exchange, Jesus reveals to his followers the strategy of the incarnation--serving the deepest needs of those to whom God calls/sends us in order to lead them to their highest destiny.

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Pastor Wesley Zinn – May 3, 2015
Series: Following JesusPassage:Proverbs 11:24 | 2 Corinthians 9:6 Overview:
The spirit of generosity is love for others. Being generous to others is a tangible expression of our love for them. Following Jesus requires us to pursue lifestyle of generosity. For of course, he himself is our greatest example.

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – May 10, 2015
Series: Following JesusPassage:Exodus 20:12 | Mark 3:31-35 | Matthew 10:37-39 Overview:
What is the role of family for the Christ-follower? We are called to honor our mother and father . . . but wat if they have been less than honorable? And why does Jesus call his followers to love him more than their family . . . and seek first the Kingdom of God?

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – May 17, 2015
Series: Following JesusPassage:John 14:15-27 Overview:
In the journey of Following Jesus, we have been given a Divine Helper, the Holy Spirit. In John 14:15-27, Jesus begins to speak to his disciples about the Helper and his work in the disciple's life. The Helper brings near the Father's heart; helps us to obey the way of Jesus; and empowers to continue the mission of the Kigdom in the world.

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – May 24, 2015
Series: Following JesusPassage:Colossians 2:6-7 | Galatians 5:16-18 Overview:
How do I partner with the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus? What is the process?

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Pastor Wesley Zinn – May 31, 2015
Series: Following JesusPassage:1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 | 1 Samuel 3:1-10 Overview:
A Father who loves us also wants to be heard. Prayer is so much more than reciting a list of wants and needs to a powerful God. Prayer can be the conversation of a genuine relationship, and that conversation can be in two directions.

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Pastor Rick McKinniss – June 7, 2015
Series: Following JesusPassage:Luke 11:1-4 | Luke 18:1-8 Overview:
Jesus' disciples asked him to teach them to pray. This is core to being a Follower of Jesus--prayer and praying. But how does it 'work?' Why is our making requests of God part of discipleship? How do we opeate in this dynaic of the Kingdom?

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Pastor Kevin Butterfield – June 14, 2015
Series: Following JesusPassage:John 14:1-31 | Romans 12:3-21 Overview:
Pastor Kevin brings us the next lesson in our series, Following Jesus, as his pastoral candidate address. (Yes, we called him).

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