A Note From Pastor Wes: Kingdom Building in Argentina!


While you are reading this article, I am actually in Argentina. Jeff Collins invited me to join him for a week of ministry. We are teaching at the Escuela de Ministerios Vision Internacional Argentina. We are also ministering in churches and encouraging young church planters in the city of Buenos Aires. Right now as I’m writing this article (before I actually leave for Argentina) I really know very, very little about where I’ll be or what I’ll be called on to teach, preach or minister. But, hey, such is the joy of traveling with Jeff! What better way is there to spend a week’s vacation!

It’s a wonderful privilege to carry the wells of Wellspring and partner with people like Jeff and ministries around the world. In Romans 1:12 the apostle Paul, anticipating his visit to Rome, wrote, “..that you and I may be mutually encouraged (or edified) by each other’s faith.”

It’s always my desire to bless the people and places where I travel. Not only am I a pastor at Wellspring, but after 27 years, I’m also a product of Wellspring. I know there is much that I can share with others. And I also know that there is much to receive, for me and for Wellspring. Our connections and partnerships throughout the grand Body of Christ are channels of blessing, encouragement, and edification.

I welcome your prayers for effective Kingdom building ministry, and for the blessings of new connections and channels of God’s love and grace to flow in both directions.

Adios for now!

Pastor Wes

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