A Summer Together!

The thirty minutes between the 9am and 11am services are the best part of my week. Over the previous six days, I’ve called, emailed, texted, heard about, saw on Facebook, and mentally noted the absence of everyone I haven’t seen around lately. I value the time between services on Sunday morning so much because it is my best opportunity to catch up with Wellspringers and get the latest update on life.

Summer means vacation and traveling, school breaks, and new schedules, but having one 10am service this summer affords all of us the opportunity to catch up in a way that we don’t often get to do. Things slow down, and we’re all going to be in service together. (You might even bump into your long-lost friend from the 9am service or the couple you’ve always heard about, but never actually met because they go the 11!) I’m looking forward to our time together, and I hope you are too.

With only one service this summer, the Cafe is going to be open after service. So plan on lingering a few minutes to chat, seeking out an old friend, and taking the opportunity to introduce yourself to someone new this Sunday morning. Our relationships with God and each other are square one in community-building, and over coffee is a great place to start!

Tori Rowe
Administrative/Event Manager

P.S. – During our summer service schedule, parking will be tighter than normal so we are asking healthy families to park up at Mooreland Hill School to create parking spaces for guests.

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