The shocking truth about love

The shocking truth about love

by Mandy Adendorff


Christianity is often very different than we expect… it’s really all about receiving. Yep, our faith journey has a lot more to with receiving than it has to do with giving.

You see Jesus first loved us. Until we catch the beautiful revelation of His love we will be unable to love God back. We can only love Him as a response.We can’t initiate love for God, God alone initiates love by loving us…like a hurricane!

 If we can receive such a radical love,

 If we can believe we are so beautiful to Him,

 If we can accept that we are His darling,

Then we will respond as lovers respond to each other.

We were not created to love on command; that is impossible for us. When we strive to love God we create a religion. When we let Him love us and simply respond we create a relationship.

The greatest, most extraordinary works done by the church were done in response to love, not in response to law. The world needs another extraordinary work from heaven.

Religion will choke the world, but a people who know how loved they are will water the world.  And all we need is to be watered by His love more than anything else. We are all loved by God, but those who know it will live it!

We love because He first loved us.“1 John 4:19

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