This Is Amazing Grace!

This Is Amazing Grace!

by Rob Dunne

Holga, Fuji Acros, "When ghosts collide..." CC BY-ND 4.0 Holga, Fuji Acros, “When ghosts collide…” CC BY-ND 4.0

“For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all.” James 2:10

Convincing a jury that the car with the flat tire was at fault was one of my toughest cases I had ever tried. This vehicle stopped in the travel lane of the highway. The person directly behind her was able to safely stop her vehicle, but my client wasn’t so lucky. She attempted to slow down and swerve left, but still rear-ended the vehicle in front of her.

The jury was asked to determine if the broken down vehicle violated the law by allowing her vehicle to remain in the travel portion of the highway. They were also asked to decide if my client acted reasonably under the circumstances. Even though she was traveling below the speed limit, she could be found at fault if her response differed from that of the reasonably prudent person.

My client was victorious but the jury cut her damages in half due to her comparative negligence. I think it was a fair result.

Long before I entered the practice of law, I was a legalist. I prided myself on the fact that I was better than others because I lived a holier life than them. To this day, I am quick to render judge when I observe someone violating the law. It is funny how quickly I forget the numerous laws that I have broken while judging others.

This self-righteous attitude is what causes me to wrestle with the concept of grace. There is literally nothing that any person can do to earn God’s forgiveness. We don’t live as holy as we can and then trust that Jesus will fill in the gaps. Either we believe by faith that Jesus paid it all or we try to become our own savior.

Unlike my client’s situation, there is no comparative fault with God. Either you follow the law perfectly or you are guilty of violating all of it. God knew that no one would ever be able to keep the law perfectly. That is why He sent Jesus. Jesus was able to fulfill the entire law and live a sinless life. As He hung on the cross, He became sin so that we might become righteous. Our part is to simply believe by faith that Jesus paid the penalty for our sins. That act of faith restores our relationship with God and the promise of eternity with Him.

There are many people who argue that abandoning the law and living under grace gives people liberty to sin. Nothing could be further from the truth. Understanding God’s grace and the love that He has for us sets us free from the requirements of the law. As His love is poured out in our hearts, we simply lose our desire to engage in sinful behavior. The holier we live, the deeper we are able to go in our relationship with God, thereby allowing Him to pour out even more love over us. In turn, we stop judging others and extend the same grace to them that God has given to us. It is quite liberating.

It is impossible for us to earn God’s love or our entrance in to heaven. Accept His free gift of grace today and allow the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus to set you free from the law of sin and death. I promise you will experience inexpressible joy in the freedom that His amazing grace provides!

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