Two Years Later….

Jody Davis, President

I frequently get the question, “Whatever happened to so and so…did they do well? Are they okay? I frequently get calls from women who have been in our program thanking us for being there for them, helping them get back on their feet and giving us updates on their lives. Such is the case this week, with Kimberly.

Kimberly came into our program in early February 2012… – she was actually the second one in her family to come – her sister Amanda preceded her just two years earlier and so when Kimberly began to find herself with patterns of addiction her parents called and asked if we might be willing to help.  And so she came – 22 years old, depressed, struggling with addiction, with more than one suicide attempt behind her and not feeling much hope at all in the possibilities that lie ahead. Unfortunately within the first few weeks she relapsed and readily admitted she was not really ready to do what she needed to do. We helped her find treatment and she promised to return. (read more)


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