Apple Cider Gala at Harbor Shalom

Apple Cider Gala at Harbor Shalom
377 Shuttle Meadow Ave
New Britain, CT 06052

Saturday, October 10, 2015
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Apple Cider and Apples

It is closing in on that time of year again. The smell of fall is in the air. Perhaps a little early but it is never too early to think about apple cidering. We pressed approximately 100 gallons of cider. It was great fun and it tasted great too. One of the contests the children made up was to see how many apples they could run through the shredder without stopping to catch a breath. I believe it was a girl who won. Okay prove me wrong. One of the home school groups helped pick up apples the Thursday before cider Saturday. This was a great help as well as a great outing for them. If there are other home school groups that would like to help, contact us soon. Also start saving-and cleaning-gallon size cartons to fill with apple cider. The more the better. We will have a pot luck noon meal so bring something for the table. Pray for good weather. I’m looking forward to fun and fellowship. The time is: October 10th- 9 AM to 5 PM or so. . Bring something to share for lunch at noon(pot luck) so we can enjoy fellowship around the table.

But we would like to do more than make apple cider this year so people can share things they have been accomplishing. or ministries they are involved in. We are inviting any of you that have an idea, small business, ministry or creative crafts you would like to display, to call us in advance to reserve a table. We will have tables for those of you who have let us know you would like to share with others what you are doing. . This year the cider will be $5 per gallon-fundraiser for Harbor Shalom-half a gallon at Rogers is almost $5 so this is a bargain plus it is the best cider around. We will have fun together processing the apples and having contests to see who can crank the shredder the longest. Come and enjoy community!

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