William Harris Enrichment Scholarship Ceremony

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

You are all lovingly invited to the very first ceremony of an annual scholarship to be given to a student or students graduating from the Wellspring of Hope After School Mentoring Ministry at Mount Pleasant. We will be awarding the scholarships in honor and loving remembrance of “Mr. Bill” Harris who we all know had such a mighty and powerful passion for God and for the children and the community of Mount Pleasant! In the years that he was involved in the ministry his wisdom and discernment shaped the program and brought it in line with God’s plan and purpose which continues to lead and strengthen the present staff and students.

The first recipients of the scholarship this year will be the first three to graduate from the program. They are Brandon, Meghan and Gabriella. These three young people knew and loved “Mr. Bill” and were greatly impacted by his involvement in their lives and have expressed how much they miss him. As for all of us, they have had a hard time with the suddenness of his passing and our hope is that this will bring some healing and closure.

In the future we will be holding this ceremony in May at the time of graduation but for this first time it will be held on MONDAY NOVEMBER 23, 2015 at 5:00 in the Community Center at MT P where the After School program meets each week. Each recipient will receive a gift certificate to Stop and Shop as a blessing and thank you to their families. They will also receive a picture of Mr. Bill and words of encouragement from Dolores. The enrichment part of the scholarship will be the opportunity for the students to attend and experience kid friendly programs at three local places of learning and fun, which are The Museum of American Art, The Clay Pot and Scraptivity.

We are grateful and thank God for each one of you, as well as the current staff and the students and families of all the children enrolled in the program. We know how much you meant to Bill and how, with him, you labored for the Kingdom in this ministry. Those seeds continue to be watered by our God and He is faithful to see this good work through to completion. Looking forward to seeing you at the ceremony as we bless these awesome young people and remember “Mr. Bill”!

Love and blessings,
Kathy Griswold, BIG L & Wellspring of Hope Leadership Team

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