Listen to Songs from Recent Services

Lots of you have been asking for a list of the songs we sing on Sundays. We’ve got a feature on the website that provides exactly that, plus links to YouTube videos. So, I put together a video to help you find this resource on the website. Enjoy!

Recent Songs

We have a handy page on the website called “The Songs We Sing”.

Are you new to Wellspring and want to learn the songs we sing? Were you blessed by a song we sang at a recent service and you want to know who wrote it so you can obtain a recording? Are you a worship leader and you want to do a song with your band that another leader did, but you don’t know what it’s called? If you answered yes to any of those, then this page is for you.

The songs we sing are listed from the most recent service to the oldest. The last 15 services are listed. Each song lists the song title, the author, the publisher and the CCLI song number. Click on the CCLI number to see the song listing on the CCLI website. Click the service date to see information about the service when the song was played. If we have any links to YouTube videos for the song, they are included with the information about the service.

For legal reasons, we cannot include the lyrics here, however if you click on the CCLI number of the song you can see a preview of the lyrics to confirm it is the song you seek. We also cannot post the chord sheet or lead sheets on the website for legal reasons. If you need those for a Wellspring service, please contact me ( and I’ll get you what you need. Also, we will provide lead sheets each week we introduce a new song at the Welcome Center under the Media banner. Please note that the author listed may not match the recording artist who popularized the song. If you can’t identify the recording from the YouTube video, please feel free to contact me ( and I’ll give you a recommendation.

Click the image below to see the Songs We Sing page.

New Songs

Each week that we introduce a new song, we post an article with an embedded link to a YouTube video of that song. This way you can learn the song in advance, so that you can keep your attention on the Lord instead of being distracted by the newness during worship. We have a new song this week. Click the image below to see an example article for a new song.

Also, if regular notation for the song is available, I’ll put a number of copies at the Welcome Center under the Media banner for those of you who prefer to read music. Pick up a copy before the service as you enter the Sanctuary.

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