Distracted Walking

Distracted Walking

by Rob Dunne


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Then their eyes were opened and they knew Him; and He vanished from their sight. Luke 24:31

I stepped onto the elevator outside of my office and pushed G-2 for the garage level. Not necessarily expecting to pick up a passenger, I moved to the back corner of the car. Though not the same hue as the wood paneled walls, my lawyerly garb blended into the background.

Prior to reaching my destination, the car came to a halt. A gentleman engaged in a friendly conversation backed his way into the elevator and waived goodbye to his colleague. He selected his desired floor and slowly inched backwards. Suddenly, aware of my presence in the corner of the car, he jumped and shouted, “Jesus, you scared me!” I like when people see Jesus in me.

There is an interesting account in Luke 24 of two of Jesus’ disciples walking to Emmaus. En route, the resurrected Jesus joins them. Neither has any clue that it was Him. Jesus then asks what they are discussing. Astonished, they recount all of the things that had happened several days prior. They explain that Jesus was a prophet whom they thought was going to redeem Israel. Unfortunately, that hope was dashed when He was crucified and buried. The disciples also describe how on the third day, the tomb was found empty by certain women and other members of their group.

Beginning with Moses and the Prophets, Jesus begins to teach them the Messiah had to suffer the way that He did. When they reach their destination, He continues on the path but they invite Him to join them. As they sit down to eat, Jesus blessed and broke bread and gave it to them. This familiar gesture finally woke them from zombie land because they finally recognized Him. Naturally, Jesus immediately disappeared before their very eyes.

In today’s society, we can become so distracted that we don’t see things that are right in front of our face. The other day I read an article about distracted walking. People using their smart phones walk in to all sorts of things like trash cans, cement blockades and even water fountains.

If we are not careful, we too could miss an encounter with Jesus. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, He longs to walk along the road of life with us to teach us the things of the kingdom. He wants to share intimacy with us as we sit and break bread with Him. As we prepare to celebrate Easter, be mindful of distractions and keep your eyes focused on Jesus. It will be less painful than walking into a water fountain.

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