Update from Israel #2

Hello Wellspring!

After a week of touring Israel and serving ministries and individuals alongside the Gateways team, I’m spending this week with a significant group of messianic ministry leaders and friends. We gather each morning for worship, bringing our different streams together to exalt the one name of Jesus. It is a privilege and we believe a powerful time of calling forth His kingdom and it’s purposes. After worship, we are then enjoying great teaching and discussion about the one body of Christ and a greater understanding of His desire and even strategy for His church and His people.

The value of the relationships I am building and the opportunities to link arms with this diverse and passionate gathering of different ministries is hard to measure. All I know is that it is extremely significant and I’m grateful that I can represent Wellspring and our congregation alongside these ministries.

This is a short update, but I’m off to another one of these wonderful worship times! I look forward to sharing more stories and the impact of this trip when I am home with you soon.

Shalom from Israel,
Pastor Wes

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