Family Share 2016 Testimony

It was a sweet taste of heaven in the midst of so much hurt, loss and pain. God’s presence was so strong, like walking into Wellspring.

We prayed with one women who had just lost everything in the recent fire on Broad St. and was in tears over getting the Speer’s couch and tons of other stuff to start over. The kids from one of our families were not there because the mom lost custody. She got desks and bureaus for them for when they return. Two little girls who we have watched from birth (7 and 5 as well as their older brother that Bob Bezz mentored) ask us to pray because they miss their Daddy who moved to CA and who tried to “snatch them” away from their mom. Heartbreaking to hear but we need to hear and then bring it all to the foot of the cross where hope, help and life, here and eternal, is flowing.

More stuff came and at 11:00 we began and by 12:30 it was ALL gone. We were in awe as we stood in an empty basketball court! It was once again orderly, peaceful and joyful everyone was laughing, talking, helping each other and blessing us with thankful hearts. We could not have done this volume of donations without the help of the extra volunteers and trucks that made it go so smoothly. God orchestrated every detail of timing, schedules and deliveries and we are so grateful to you pastors and the fellowship of Wellspring for all the love and support.

Thanks and blessings,

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