Report: Celebrate Mount Pleasant 2016 (Photo Gallery)

Hello Wellspring!

Celebrate Mount Pleasant was a great, great day! It was filled with sun, fun, sweat, laughter, friends and more blessings than I can count! We accomplished so much! We filled the 12 raised garden beds with vegetables and herbs, pruned, mulched and spruced up the community areas, painted an awesome mural that ties into the one from last year, brought the baseball field of dreams back to life, and created a new fellowship area around a beautiful new flower bed. There were also ten absolutely incredible Mini Make Overs completed! The homes were filled with flowers, furniture, pictures, curtains, and so much more!

It wasn’t just all work and no play. There was a really cool basketball tournament for the kids led by a resident of Mount Pleasant, there was music playing for much of the day, Big L was singing and teaching the kids about Jesus, and we had a really good cook out!

There were some 375 people working throughout the day, both from within the community and from Wellspring, more than 30 people were involved in the planning and leading, multiple vendors and donors (thank you, Wellspringers!) and one amazing God that made the path straight for all of us to show His love to this wonderful community! He is absolutely amazing!

There are so many blessings and stories from this day, to many to share all, but here are a few that stand out for me:

The biggest testimony was the multiple kids that gave their heart to Jesus! Amen!!! The Big L team and specifically Jenn Beglinger led kids to the Lord through their teachings! How cool is that! Praise God for this ministry that has been a consistent presence in the Mount Pleasant community for years! They are such a huge blessing!

A big praise goes out to the USNSCC Barque Eagle Division sea cadets from Plainville. They helped in so many areas – the baseball field, flower garden, mulching and general clean up. They were such a blessing to have, not just for their strong backs, but also the example they set for many of the younger kids in Mount Pleasant.

The Mini Make Overs yielded some beautiful fruit as well. There was one family where the 3 girls’ beds were broken and every night before bed they would have to ask their single mom to fix them so they could go to sleep. See, the mattresses they had were more like camping mattresses and not very good for a bed. The slots holding the mattress wasn’t secure, so the flimsy mattress would fall though the slots. It wasn’t a good sleeping environment. Well, our Mini Make Over team came in and fixed that (& much more!) with new real mattresses and made sure they wouldn’t have to worry about having to fix their beds anymore! They also dressed up their room with lots of new items to make it a real girls room! The girls were so excited and happy they actually asked to go to bed early! There’s a lot more to this story on how God is working in this family and the team that made it happen. They were all truly blessed!

Last year the Lord spoke to me saying that the first seven years at Mount Pleasant were about building trust within the community and the next seven years is about building relationships with the residents of Mount Pleasant. Well, now that we have just completed year eight, we are seeing that happen. We have many Mini Make Over leaders that are still in touch with the families they worked with last year and I’m hoping for the same this year. It’s a very exiting time!

There’s one thing that God revealed to me this year and it came in the form of the weather. As I was watching the forecast prior to that Saturday, I saw that the rain was coming the day before and the day after, but the day of Celebrate Mount Pleasant was forecasted to be gorgeous. In this observation He showed me that He was softening the soil and spirits of Mount Pleasant before we got there, the day of was to be a perfect day to work the ground and souls of the people, and after the day was over He was going to continue to water the fruits, flowers and spirits of the people. I’m looking forward to seeing the growth that will take place from God’s watering!

I want to thank everyone who helped at this years Celebrate Mount Pleasant, whether it was physical, financial or the spiritual. It couldn’t have happened without you! I’m already getting new ideas for next year, so get ready! It just keeps getting bigger and better, it’s gonna be fantastic!

In the Spirit,

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