Equipping Our Hearts to Overcome Fear by Mark DeJesus

Equipping Our Hearts to Overcome Fear

Everyone on this planet has to face fear to some degree in their life. Fear’s mission is to limit and prohibit people from walking into the full potential that God designed them to experience. Many get sidelined because they never faced their fears. Others are debilitated in their ability to live in the peace of God because they are bombarded every hour with the assault that fear brings to their heart and mind.

More and more people are searching for answers to remedy the fears that hinder their journey. I have found that people both in and out of the church are searching for answers to the troublesome thoughts that keep people locked down and trapped.

Heart Connecting to the Solution

In order to truly overcome fear, it is critical that we have a heart connection to the antidote. For thousands of years, God has given us the solution to the fears we face in various forms, that include anxiety, worry, panic and more. That remedy involves perfect love.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear… 1 John 4:18

Every fear is invaded a place where the perfect love of God has not had its fullest effect. Wherever love is not experienced, fear will come in to torment. Yet when authentic love is encountered, it has the power to displace love. So any place where we struggle with fear is a place that love needs to impact.

Name the fear and we can know love needs to fill that particular place. Anyone who has a fear of being abandoned needs a personal revelation of God’s abiding presence, who promises to never leave us. Find someone with fear regarding their finances and you will find a heart that needs to experience the love of God in His ability to supply all their needs. For those who struggle with a fear of man, they need to experience the revelation that Father God has their back, therefore they need to fear no one. When fear shows up, the love of Father God is the solution.

The Power of Love

Most of our problems stem from not experiencing the love of God. In any area where there is fear, lies an area that has not yet been perfected in love. When we manifest of an area of bondage, we are often blocked or at times running away from His life changing love. If we truly connect to how deeply He loves us, our ability to overcome fear becomes ignited.

Receiving our Father’s love is not simply a cerebral process, but one that must be engaged with the heart. Out of this seat of affection is where God can have a pivot point to move in all areas of our life. A heart connected to the love of God moves in greater trust and rest into God’s tender care.

As we give permission for Him to move in our heart, healing can take place as the Father’s love drives out the power of fear. This supreme love does not just apply to fear alone; it is a powerful force of deliverance from many areas of bondage. Receiving a revelation of God’s true love can break the powers of rejection, bitterness, hardness of heart, self-hatred, unforgiveness and many other personal battles. We all carry a “need to be loved” sign on our hearts.

Knowing We Are Loved and Safe

Inside the hearts of human beings lies a capsule that was designed to be filled with God’s love. The truth about this capsule is that if the love of God does not fill it, the heart will be invaded by fear: anxiety, stress, worry, and panic. When fear comes in, it will use anything in its arsenal to get people to be driven by its impulses rather than led by love into rest.

We therefore end up with populations of broken people who do not know why they are doing what they are doing. They battle fear in various forms and don’t seem to know why or how it got there. Yet God knows that there is a void inside that has not been touched by His tender hand of love. It is a love of the Father that empowers us and tells us there is nothing to be afraid of. But in order for us to experience that change, we must open our hearts to love, receiving it to heal the broken areas of our heart and renewing us to the diving love relationship we are called to manifest.

Mark has been a friend to Wellspring and Wellspring’s leadership for a few years and we are very excited to have him in our pulpit this Sunday to share from his personal experience with overcoming Fear. Mark carries an authority and compassion to see people set free into the transformation of Christ. He is also an extremely gifted communicator and blessing to the body of Christ. You will not be disappointed to come see him at Wellspring THIS SUNDAY!

Mark DeJesus

Author, Speaker & Radio Host

About Mark:
Mark DeJesus has served as an experienced communicator since the 1990s. As a teacher, author, coach and mentor, Mark is deeply passionate about restoring the hearts of people in the love of God and teaching them to walk free in transformational living. His message involves getting to the root hinderances that contribute to the breakdown of our relationships, our health and our day to day peace. He is well versed on spirit, soul and body connections, as well as how thoughts affect us on all levels. Through his own personal transformation, Mark is experienced in helping people overcome and live fruitful lives. Mark is the author of 4 books and hundreds of teachings. He hosts a weekly radio podcast show called Transformed You and blogs at markdejesus.com. His writings have been featured on sites like CharismaMag.com and Patheos.com. Mark and his wife Melissa live in Connecticut and are enjoying their precious children Maximus and Abigail.

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