Wellspring of Hope In School Tutoring and Mentoring Training

As believers we are capable of doing far more than we can ever imagine. That’s what Paul told us in the book of Ephesians. The power of the Holy Spirit and His very nature births a desire in us of hope for a restored life, and whole community in which to live. Our intention to experience Him in a personal way becomes richer when we partner with His purposes here on earth. Many of us have been blessed by circumstance and opportunity. The Lord continues to pave the way in the City of New Britain and it’s exciting because He is in the details!
The vision of Wellspring of Hope is to usher in a loving, tangible relationship with children and families through neighborhoods and schools. Empowering those that might otherwise be left behind to experience God’s Kingdom is our local mission and calling. All schools in New Britain continues to be our vision and goal. We press on because the Lord remains in the details!

We currently are reaching out in two schools Lincoln and Jefferson Elementary. We mentor one on one to children grades 1-5 for one hour, one time weekly during the school day. This has and continues to make a huge difference in each child’s life. One of our mentors Yvonne has been with a young boy for 3 years. He is off to middle school in the fall. With a concerned look on his face on their last day together he said “We need to figure out a way that we can see each other at Pulaski because this isn’t over is it?” With a kind smile Yvonne reassured him that it was not and she would look into her ability to meet with him. This is just one out of hundreds of tender moments that our mentors experience. The children “know “they are loved!

The schools welcome us and continue to closely work with us to provide a partnership that has a common purpose and goal. For that we are grateful.

We anticipate a year of growth and outpouring to the children and families of New Britain because God is in the details! You can partner with us by giving one hour, once a week, for one school year. Join us for our next training here at Wellspring.

In School Tutoring Training
Sat. August 20th
8:30 -12:00

This relaxed training time will help to inform you and prepare you. It is required to start this fall. A light breakfast will be served for your convenience.

Sign up through church office
Contact Linda Briggs
An informational table will be in café Aug. 7th and 14th as well.

Check out Linda Briggs’ testimony below.

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