Elijah House 202

Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry: Training Course 202

Meets Mondays and one Saturday monthly beginning November 5th

Training Course 202 gives students an advanced learning opportunity with instruction in more specialized issues. Lessons include: earliest childhood traumas, false identifications of love, abuse, neglect, generational inheritance, occult involvement, addictions, sexual issues, burnout, etc. Ministry tools include how to create a safe atmosphere for ministry and how to properly care for and feed your own spiritual life.

Many of these lessons deal with highly confidential issues of the heart. Elijah House has been successful in quietly restoring Christian leaders who have wrestled with significant challenges. Raising up healthy and strong leaders is the goal of these powerful lessons and small group sessions.

There are 24 lessons in all, as well as four ministry demonstrations with volunteers from the school. Continuing practical experience through the small group ministry time helps students expand their ministry skills and grow in confidence as they provide ministry for one another. Experienced small group leaders assist with valuable guidance for the students. Students are provided with a study guide containing lesson notes, references and enrichment articles.

A pre-requisite for attending Training Course 202 is having graduated from either an official Elijah House “live” or facilitated 201 school.

The below books, which you should have bought and read for the Elijah House Ministry Course 201, are required.

  • Transforming the Inner Man
  • God’s Power to Change
  • Letting Go of Your Past
  • Growing Pains
  • Restoring the Christian Family
  • Deliverance and Inner Healing

These books (new in 202) are required as well.

  • Why Good People Mess Up
  • Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse

All of these books can be purchased from ElijahHouse.org or from Amazon and other online retailers. All books are by John and Paula Sandford or John and Mark Sandford.

Registration deadline is October 17th.

This course will begin on Saturday, Nov. 5th, 2016. After that initial Saturday class, we will be meeting Monday evenings 6:30 pm until approximately 9:30 and meet one Saturday each month through March 4th. The course consists of 25 video lessons, 4 demo lessons, 9 small group sessions, reading and homework assignments, as well as live Q&A. Anticipated finish of the course will be in April of 2017.

Cost of attending Elijah House School remains at $220 which includes tuition and fees, as well as the extensive notebook. Additional reading texts are required and are available through Elijah House or online web sites such as Amazon.com. Applications may be obtained by clicking here. The application deadline is October 17th.

Questions? Call Debbie McKinniss at 860-225-0661 ext. 123 or email at Debbie@wellspring.net

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