Baby Dedications

On Sunday, October 23rd, Wellspring will be having baby dedications as part of our worship service.  If your family has recently celebrated a new birth and would like to have your child dedicated to the Lord in the presence of the church, you are welcome to contact the church office to participate (860.225.0661,  Please do so by October 19th.

Baby dedications have been a part of the Wellspring family for many years.  It’s a practice that serves several purposes.  On the one hand, the dedication is simply a wonderful opportunity for the church community to celebrate the creation of new life with the growing families. For those who consider Wellspring a large extended family, it is an exciting event to share.

More than this, however, is the significance of the dedication itself.  In the Old Testament, a particular tribe of Israel, the Levites, were said to belong to the Lord as the firstborn among Israel.  At the first Passover, an angel of the Lord passed through Egypt killing all the firstborn among the families and livestock.  The Israelites, who had put the symbol of blood on their doorposts, were spared (Exodus 11-13).  As a sign of gratitude and remembrance, the entire tribe of Levi, the priests, belonged to the Lord (Numbers 3).

Since Jesus’ ministry, however, all of God’s people are considered his priests (1 Peter 2:4-10).  We all belong to God. The dedication of a newborn offers us a time to acknowledge this to ourselves and before the Lord.  It offers us a chance to recommit ourselves to being God’s people and to raising each new child in that understanding as well.  And it offers us a chance to pray over the child and call God’s blessing over his or her life and calling.

So if your family has recently grown and you would like to have the child dedicated before the congregation, contact the church office by October 19th to join the celebration.

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