Crosscut Needs Your Help!


Fall has arrived and it is a beautiful time of year! This also means that the leaves are falling and we have a great opportunity to help a single mom with some much needed help with her home. This mom has 2 older kids, one of which has some special needs, and could use our assistance with some minor repairs/yard work. We are teaming up with Rebuilding Together New Britain on this project, and most of the items we will be working on are pretty basic. We are in need of volunteers of any skill level.

The project is scheduled for Saturday, November 12th beginning at 8am, and we hope to be done by 3pm.

Here is the list of things we will be doing:

Paint or stain her deck
Drain a small decorative pool
Window sill damage (could use someone with carpentry experience)
4 floor tiles need to be replaced
Railing installation by side door
Gutter cleaning
General yard & leaf clean up
Storm door installed
There is a possibility of painting the whole house (waiting on lead test results)
1 outside electrical outlet to be an outdoor outlet (need an electrician willing to do other projects after finished)

Please prayerfully consider helping this family. Volunteers of ALL still level are welcome. You only need a heart willing to serve.

Please email if you are interested in helping this family. We have lots to do and many hands make for light work. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

In the Spirit,
The Crosscut Leadership Team
Chris, Mollie & Steve

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